The GANG2000 Programmer from Blackhawk is a multi-tap device that can quickly and efficiently program multiple independent target boards that use the Texas Instruments C2000™ 32-bit Microcontrollers from a Windows® PC over a high-speed USB2.0 port.

The standalone GUI interface and intelligent features of the GANG2000 eliminate the time consuming task of individual device programming. Operator station installation, setup and maintenance is quick and easy from a single installation program. Code Composer Studio™ is NOT required.
The GANG2000 can support up to 4 UUTs (units under test) with the supplied JTAG ribbon cables and is also configurable to program only 1, 2, or 3 UUTs.  The controller housing is rugged, made of aluminum, built to last in a production environment. The JTAG cables are detachable and therefore easily replaced if damaged, worn out, etc.
Isolation adapters (4 pcs) to protect both the targets and the PC are available as an option.